Grand Opening

Yaya’s Kitchen Pop-up and Supper Club had its grand opening on November 28, 2019. The Grand Opening showcased the warmth and story of it’s two charismatic owners and married couple Malvin and Maryam Wright. The grand opening featured a menu of Killi Willi, joloff rice, mandazi, puff-puff, suya and masa, zobo and kanu aya. Yaya’s Kitchen is not a restaurant and is a curated culinary space that can be adapted to suit the mode and philosophy of the owners. 

Yaya’s Kitchen is an ongoing, evolving experiment, prototype and proof-of-concept space that explores the Black experience through food while featuring the Foods of the Sahel region of Africa. They explore and are passionate about exploring food’s role in building community, creating opportunity and celebrating diversity. Yaya’s Kitchen has evolved from it’s origins in their backyard in London, Ontario. Over the past year they have successfully moved into their permeant space in the back of the London Food incubator and are well on their way to becoming a urban food and food creative hub where food producers, creators and consumers can connect and explore new foods from the Black experience in a fun setting that is open, diverse, inclusive and full of warmth.

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