The true taste of Sahara

Our Experience Through Food

• 2018 •

About Yaya’s Kitchen

Yaya’s Kitchen Pop-up and Supper Club began in Maryam & Malvin’s backyard in 2017 and slowly spilled over into the kitchen and dining room. They held monthly pop-up events featuring the foods from Northern Nigeria and the Sahel region that introduced old friends and strangers to new taste’s, aromas, sights, sounds and new preparations.

Yaya’s Kitchen Pop-up & Supper Club (YK) is not a restaurant. It is a curated kitchen space which hosts monthly Pop-up & Supper Club.

Tasteful Recipes

Our Menus

For those who enjoy an adventure of the sense, come next door and sate your desires with our ever changing internationally and seasonally inspired small plates.

The perfect Blend

Culinary Curation

Yaya’s Kitchen is a curated space that celebrates our heritage as a family: Nigeria and Guyana and the spaces and places we have seen, broken bread and lived life. We celebrate our heritage and journey and find our impetus in everywhere we have been and the influences of those we have meet.We invite you to our table to share in our journey, indulge in our influences and take a seat at our table where we are all friends and family